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Albert Sayle succeeded in achieving an increased output of 128.000 hl. The Second World War, however, destroyed everything which had until then been achieved through years of endeavour and hard work.


As a result of World War Two, sales dropped to 40.000 hl.


The brewery installations were partly renewed and more halls and machines acquired to keep up with the increasing sales of bottled beer. The storage capacity was expanded through alterations and renovations. The fermentation cellar was largely expanded, technical systems updated, in order to produce a perfect beer.


Albert Sayle managed to exceed the pre-war period beer sales.


Jochen Kesselschläger joined the Bürger- und Engelbräu AG.


Albert Sayle dies in 1973 – for Bürger- and Engelbräu AG the loss of an eminent authority.


Jochen Kesselschläger was appointed holder of a general authorised signatory.


Jochen Kesselschläger was nominated as further member of the board.


The Bürger- and Engelbräu AG brewery decided to build a new brewery in the “green countryside” in the north of Memmingen. Jochen Kesselschläger succeeded in making the new B & E brewery ready for production within a total period of only two years.


The new brewing room started operating with the first Sud Memminger Gold. At that time it was the state-of-the-art brewery in Europe.