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The first lorry loaded with Memminger beer left the brewery premises, heading towards Saxony. New partners in Berlin, Eisleben and Gera were gained.


B & E presented itself for the first time at the “Grüne Woche “ in Berlin.


As a result of the Berlin-engagement, 170 restaurants, later amounting to 350 gastronomical businesses, were able to enjoy the Memminger beer.


Takeover of the majoritiy of shares by the Kesselschläger family on 13.03.1998. Foundation of the Memminger Brauerei GmbH & Co. Grundstücks KG. on 08.09.1998 .Memminger Brauerei AG is the authorized signatory. Alteration of the name to the “Memminger” brand.


The operating business of the Memminger Brauerei Logistik GmbH, which was founded already in 02.09.1996, was taken up on 12.05.1999.


On July 1, the Ulmer Brauerei (UMB) was sheltered in the Memminger house, thus offering this traditionally rich brewery a future perspective. To realize this plan, the Ulmer Münster Brauerei GmbH & Co Vertriebs KG was founded.


On 20.11.2001 the Memminger Brewery took over 100% of all associate-shares of the Ulmer Münster Brauerei GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG.


The legal designation “AG” (Public Limited Company) which was no longer adequate for the family business was changed. Since then, the Memminger Brewery has been operating as a GmbH (Limited Liability Company). On 03.12.2003 the Ulmer Münster Brauerei Geschäftsführung GmbH merged in the Memminger Brauerei GmbH.


The export to Italy could be expanded through associates in the wholesale trade, and in addition, a partner contract was entered with one of the largest Russian beer importers. Due to an increased demand, a second work-shift has been operating since May, and gladly, new jobs have been created. Today the Memminger Brewery, with more [...]


To continue with the tradition beeing one of the most decorated brewery in Germany – the Memminger Brewery started 2008 again, to participate in the toughest beer-contest in the world – the German DLG competition. In the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 a total of 24 Gold-Medals have been awarded to us. Thus, the Memminger [...]