Project Description

Memminger Kartäuser Weißbier

Memminger Kartäuser Weißbier

Full-bodied, light and sweet, mildly aromatic taste

Original wort 12,8%
Alcohol content 5,5 vol.%
Taste full-bodied, light and sweet, mild aroma
Fragrance fine, yeasty aroma, slightly fruity and aromatic, creamy
Appearance amber colour

To maintain the structure of the “Kartause at Buxheim”, the Memminger Brewery has aquired special beer brands especially for this purpose.Distinctive tasty, of high drinkability mild aromatic in taste and of golden colour, the Kartäuser beer brands do meet all requirements of the art in brewing.


Crate 20 x 0,5 ltr.

Keg 30 ltr.