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Memminger Premium

Memminger Premium

Distinguished, Pilsner kind, with a finely bitter hops aroma

Original wort 11,5%
Alcohol content 5,1 vol.%
Taste distinct, delicate, fragrance of hops, sparkling, slim
Fragrance delicate fragrance of hops, mildly aromatic
Appearance light, shiny

A distinct fragrance of hops, creamy foam, delicately bitter. These are the Pils brand features that have made it the most popular beer in Germany.


Crate 20 x 0,5 ltr.

Crate 24 x 0,33 ltr.

Keg 20 ltr. (Italien)

Keg 25 ltr. (Italien)

Keg 30 ltr.

Keg 50 ltr.