Project Description

Memminger Radler

Memminger Radler

Beer mix-drink with sugar composed of Exportbier and lemonade

Original wort 10,2%
Alcohol content 2,5 vol.%
Taste sparkling, slim, lemon fresh
Fragrance mild, refined sweetness
Appearance light, shiny

Until the end of 1992 this mixed drink had to be served “before the eyes of the guest”. German breweries were allowed to fill mixed beer drinks directly only after the alteration of the beer tax-law in 1993. The mix-drink is extremely refreshing and thirst-quenching. It is ideal for those who don’t necessarily want the bitterness of beer. The “Radler”-beers guarantee an uncomplicated sweet and sparkling drink.


Crate 20 x 0,5 ltr.

Keg 50 ltr.